Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 44 | Winter 2018

International art dealer Clemens Gunzer has enriched the art scene in Kitzbühel since 2013 with the Galerie Clemens Gunzer. It presents works of art which nearly exclusively have been created since the Second World War. Paintings, installation art, sculptures, even film and video artists are represented in his art gallery programme. Clemens Gunzer presents only works which he personally likes. He advises his clients to do the same thing, even those who are purchasing art as an investment. Client wishes and client tastes are something he takes time to explore very precisely, particularly when he is asked to search for a certain type of work, or when he consults with clients. His criteria for the final selection are rather strict: content, context and significance have to be graspable, plausible, sustainable. He finds “his artists” at international art fairs, exhibitions, in branch newspapers and on Instagram.

At the exhibition which will be launched on 28.12.2018, he will exhibit the legendary ZERO-artist who helped to found the ZERO Foundation, Günther Uecker, a younger contemporary. The exhibition will be rounded out with works of famous photographers from the rock ´n´roll era: Mick Rock and Jesse Frohmann, big names who made iconic portraits of David Bowie, the Rolling Stones and Kurt Cobain. He also wants to demonstrate what a great extent the fine arts, photography and music have exerted influence on each other as genres, the impact each sector has on creations generated in the other.

The world keeps on getting smaller and smaller as a consequence of global communication. So why should we ignore an entire continent like Australia which nowadays lies just around the corner? A vast galaxy of artists are in many cases still unknown in Europe. They are artistic potential distilled and amplified. Pioneers, in other words. Clemens Gunzer will present Michael Staniak at his gallery starting on 16 February 2019, a brash, aggressive, as well as an extremely successful artist ”down under“.


Galerie Clemens Gunzer
Josef-Pirchl-Straße 10
A-6370 Kitzbühel / Austria
T +41 (0)79 818 57 85