Project Description

Best of Mallorca | 2018

Regardless whether kinetic art, sculptures, photography or paintings – the Ahoy! Art Gallery in Palma has choice works of art on view for collectors and art enthusiasts.

In the heart of the old town, on a side street branching off from the main Jaime III shopping mile, is the Ahoy! Art Gallery, a true art lover’s gallery for contemporary art in Palma. Carefully selected works by internationally known artists such as Domingo Zapata, Romero Britto, photographic works by Gunter Sachs, Likörelle von Udo Lindenberg, works by Jordi Mollá, Iris Schelchen, Salvá Ginard and Katrin Förster are on view here. As well as artists who are still unknown, discoveries of the gallery couple Pentzien.

Highly diverse selection

It comes down to the mixture of artists and diversification of styles which is the biggest drawing card for visitors. Michael Pentzien: “We have clients who stop by when they are on the way to their domicle just to ask what new things we’ve discovered. They trust our selection and know well that they can find treasures here. It is also rather nice to know that they value our reliability in art counsel and purchase settlement, which includes delivery of the art to their home anywhere in the world,” says the gallery owner.

New in the center of Palma

The Pentziens started out five years ago with their first Ahoy! Gallery in the luxury port of Adriano. Exhibiting artists such as Fabrizio Plessi, Rolf Knie and Jordi Mollá, they enticed clusters of interested art lovers to the port designed by Philippe Starck. However in the interim, the Ahoy! Art Gallery requires more space to expand. The upshot: since last year the gallery has spread its wings over 300m2 of exhibition space in the heart of Palma.

Loving selection, harmonious, emotionally moving

What stands out is the truly loving selection of artists and their works. Utterly different from one another, nevertheless harmonious, they radiate a certain special something which draws the viewer deep into its inner realms. Renate Pentzien: “It is wonderful to watch clients being affected by a work of art, standing in front of it, telling us how touched they are by our selection. Of course it is a veritable joy to us to deal with our artists. But it is just as gratifying to be surrounded by our clients to whom art means so much. If we can bring those two together – artists and art lovers – it is a glorious thing.”


Ahoy! Art Gallery
Calle Concepcio 6
ES-07012 Palma
T +34 635 0528 47