Project Description

Kitzbühel & Alpenraum | Issue 08 | Autumn 2018

The sleep systems by AlpenRelax® are trimmed and custom-made by hand down to the most minute details of height and weight of the user. They ensure optimal regeneration in every phase of life.

Sleeping comfort with AlpenRelax® means beneficial, healthy regeneration thanks to quality based on MetaKinesiologie® without any compromises. Unlike traditional kinesiology, human beings are viewed as open-and-dynamic systems and treated as an all-encompassing whole.

“We have optimized our sleep systems as defined by MetaKinesiologie® in such a way that the energy flow channels inside the body are drawn into harmonious unity. The result called AlpenRelax® is a unique sleep system to regenerate both physical and mental energy. Forty beechwood slats cover both sides, a systemic layer of botanic wood fibers moving dynamically with the shifting positions of the user. It is also perfectly suited for allergy-sufferers, explains CEO Rudolf Wieser.

Light cares instead of Nightmares

Utilise the power of nature to create a sleeping climate which will give the user the best possible regeneration – that is the focal point of AlpenRelax®. This is merged with tried-and-tested models of modern design, workmanship of stone pine from the Tauern region, then crafted by hand. That is the recipe at Alpen® to give you the best of all possible worlds when you sleep, optimal revitalization when you awake.

Wellness of the soul is the seminal prerequisite for a healthy and fulfilled life.


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