Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 44 | Winter 2018

Interior designer Ina Kloss, a native of Kitzbühel, designs exclusive private residences on both sides of the Atlantic. Her clear concepts radiate enormous warmth and personality, making her clients all around the world happier.

Ina Kloss is known for her sensitive and enthusiastic approach as well her professionalism developing all-encompassing interior design concepts. Apart from renowned private clients, numerous architects treasure her ability to fine-tune projects, adding that special something to a project.

Naturally the client is the focus of her creative energy. “I am very open and empathetic to the dreams of my clients and help them making them real by guiding in the right direction throughout the creative process.” “Sometimes you got to read between the lines,” she says smiling knowingly. “It’s fun to give a client the necessary impulse to develop further, to dare a bit more, to implement more of their own individuality in their homes. In LA I learned to work with an array of different possibilities. I don’t stick to one style.”
“I love what I do – plus – most homes gain so much more value for the clients – emotionally and financially – it’s a win win situation!”

I N A K L O S S design
Dr. Ina Kloss
Winklernfeld 10
A-6370 Kitzbühel
T +43 (0)664 1587901