Project Description

Kitzbühel & Alpine Region | Issue 10 | Autumn 2019
The latest project of interior designer Bernd Gruber is an apartment ensconced in an old building in the heart of Munich’s inner city. It was re-done – to perfection – to serve the needs and wishes of a couple and adapted in contemporary layout.

In this project, the designer team worked in close parallel contact with the Office of Historical Buildings. Rooms needed to be opened up in order to lend a breath of openness to the apartment. “We carefully dissolved the tiny rooms of this historically listed and protected apartment and thereby created a generously proportioned living room,” explains Bernd Gruber.

Through the newly generated axes of light, the interior designer graces the old structure with a surprising sense of spaciousness and freedom. The living spaces are bright and inviting. The original construction was raised to the highest standards through the far-reaching renovation.

“In order to reinforce its old-building identity, we quite consciously placed elements of darkness in those zones where there is little light,” says Philipp Hoflehner. Thus, the corridor was painted dark blue, and novel accents were placed in the stucco work on the walls to amplify this effect.

Unsurpassed quality from their own workshop

The ultimate implemention was the fruit of Bernd Gruber’s own high quality workshop, realized at the highest level of craftsmanship. Although the design was reduced, it never once failed to produce functionality: ergo, the focal point of the original design concept. Shortly after completion, a newborn baby helped the new home to attain the acme of perfection. Felicitously, the layout of the apartment also was beautifully suited to a couple with a newborn child. The apartment combines the functional needs of a small family with breathtakingly high aesthetic standards.


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