Project Description

Vienna | Issue 19 | Spring 2017

The interior architects of this company founded in 1947 have many years of experience in dealing with the most diverse circumstances. Intensively and discerningly, down to the finest detail – every day anew. A valuable repository of experience, which manifests itself in every new project with many proven new ideas. The result is sophisticated interior design and the very finest ambience. Distinctive, and as individual as the people for whom it is created. However, what would the value of the most empathetic and tailor-made design be, if perfect “raw materials” and expert cabinetmaker skills were not implemented in its execution? “We are determined in our efforts to track down the very best international furniture brands for our clients, as well as trending newcomers in the interior design sector. Furniture, lighting and accessories that fulfil the discerning demands of our clients, right down to the finest detail“, explains Armin Manzenreiter, third generation CEO.

“Even at 360°, things are far from coming full circle with us“, says Manzenreiter, “because where all-round consultancy ends for others, is where the ball really starts spinning for us. This also puts the costs into perspective, as our clients understand that the ideas we develop with them today will pay dividends over the next 20 years. Day after day.”

dieeinrichtung Manzenreiter
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