Project Description

Kitzbühel & Alpenraum | Issue 08 | Autumn 2018 Text: Klaus Dörre

For the multi-generation home in the pre-Alpine region of Bavaria, Holzrausch required only a small number of elements to re-define and re-assign the room. What jumps first to view is the six-meter long counter space of shimmering blue-green Italian Vittoria Regia granite and cabinet fronts of bronzed tombak (a brass alloy) which, just as requested by the client, are meant to “age with dignity” and “live along with us”. The round, custom-built dining table is also of the self-same granite, but including a tombak lazy susan at its centre.

The architecture-designed furniture was planned and finished by Holzrausch, they are absolutely individual specimens which were made in their own workshop. Also the stucco work on the walls by Uwe Müller ( were finished all by hand. They round out the overall harmony of the room.

Colour concept and selection of materials …

… all form a holistic entity at Holzrausch. The entire room has been composed in its far-reaching components of light, colour and selection of materials. Dark colour hues dominate the room; when you open the cutlery drawers, the varnished sub-sectioning is illuminated at once in all colours of the rainbow. What has been created is an open and spacious and “unbridled, let-loose” kind of project, which happens to be a precise reflection of the inhabitants.


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