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Kitzbühel | Issue 45 | Summer 2019

Kitzbühel now has its own airline: Kitzbühel Airways. This is the luxury class, promising comfort and flexibility. The Pilatus PC-12 NG is one of the safest turboprop planes in the world, and utterly unique in its class. It boasts the very finest of Swiss engineering and superior interior furnishings extending from state-of-the-art engine technology all the way to an elegant cabin interior.

Entspannter kann man nicht fliegen. Quelle: imninja - Daniel Gusche / Kitzbühel Airways

With the PC-12 NG, twice the number of destinations is accessible in comparison with a “normal” private jet. It can land on small, even on an unfortified landing tarmac, e.g. on gravel, grass or dirt runways. It offers its flight guests – apart from extraordinary comforts and safety – an enormous amount of flexibility, multi-faceted service, efficiency and high performance. The cockpit was developed specially for the PC-12 NG, and provides the self-same high-end capacities and facilities as business jets and larger aircraft. The CEO himself sits in the cockpit, Karim El-Behery. He and the entire service team look back on longstanding experience in international flights.

The cabin volume is larger than in most turboprops or medium-sized business jets. Luxury leather chairs and direct access to your luggage set the right tone for every journey, regardless whether it is just a quick trip or a journey over long distances. A spacious toilet provides an absolutely private sphere. The floor is flat throughout the plane, thereby heightening the comfort of your journey another notch.

Einmal Hamburg und retour bitte. So macht Fliegen wieder Spaß. Quelle: imninja - Daniel Gusche / Kitzbühel Airways

The private and exclusive Kitzbühel Airways offers flights completely tailored to individual needs and desires, an extraordinarily high level of service and comfort, and unparalleled travel experiences. These extend from pick-up and drop-off services in a Mercedes luxury limousine to first-class VIP service on board all the way to additional services at your point of destination.

For enquiries and reservations, the team revolving around CEO and pilot Karim El-Behery are available for consultation and booking around the clock. Simply choose your destination, advise us of the number of passengers, and very soon thereafter, you take off.

Traumhafte Aussichten sind bei Kitzbühel Airways inkludiert. Quelle: imninja - Daniel Gusche / Kitzbühel Airways


Kitzbühel Airways GmbH & Co KG
Golfweg 14
A-6370 Reith bei Kitzbühel
M +43 (0)664 2122596

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