Project Description

Yachting | 2021

Dark blonde, accurately parted short hairstyle, navy blue blazer with tuck-in cloth, beautiful leather shoes and alert blue eyes behind narrow horn frame – Hanspeter Vochezer knows about the importance of the first impression. The native Küsnachter from the beautiful Lake Zurich has been conveying how important this is for eight years.

Knigge-Coaching für Yacht-Crews von Hanspeter Vochezer

He offers etiquette training as well as butler coaching – his very own terrain. “I love this job,” says the Swiss simply. When he talks about the many and varied activities of a butler, however, it doesn’t sound like a job to him, but like a vocation. Important prerequisites and characteristics are a top training in the service sector, ideally in the luxury hotel industry. In addition to a great talent for organization and time management, the job profile includes the ability to work under pressure, flexibility and multilingualism. Moreover, it takes many years of experience before a butler can move into a top household. At the latest there, absolute discretion is required. “The butler acts like a private hotelier”, Vochezer sums up. This activity brought the service specialist three years ago on the thought to extend its field of activity and offer Butler trainings which are particularly aligned to the needs of yacht crews.

In the two to three-day coaching sessions, it is just as much about personal appearance – here too, logically, the first impression counts – as it is about correct service techniques when setting the table, serving, flower arrangements or imparting knowledge, for example about wines. The yacht business has grown so fast in recent years that not every yacht can be equipped with fully trained specialists. That is why Vochezer’s commitment is particularly in demand here.

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