Project Description

KItzbühel | Issue 40 | WINTER 2016

Galerie Clemens Gunzer – where a Zurich based and internationally operating dealer has enriched the Kitzbühel gallery scene with works of art created almost exclusively after the Second World War. Paintings, installations, sculptures. Even film and video artists such as Marco Brambilla feature in the gallery programme. Clemens Gunzer only presents works that appeal to him personally. He advises his clients to do the same – including those wishing to acquire art as an asset. He has a keen eye for the taste and desires of his customers, especially when meeting requisition requests or consulting engagements. His selection criteria are strict: content, context and meaning must be plausible and sustainable. He finds “his” artists at international art fairs, exhibitions, trade journals and on Instagram. In his gallery in Zurich he exhibits ca. 50% emerging-, 25% mid-career-, 25% blue-chip artists. Kitzbühel is home to more blue-chip and mid-career artists.

Galerie Clemens Gunzer
Josef-Pirchl-Straße 10
A – 6370 Kitzbühel / Austria
T  +41 (0) 79 818 57 85