Project Description

Streifzug Gourmet | 2017

TheCookingSpoon is a spoon with character and unique flair. Exclusively handcrafted, each spoon tells its own story. TheCookingSpoon breathes new life into the long-forgotten art of spoon making. Each spoon is one of a kind and its surface alone enchants owners with its rare beauty.

Oak used for TheCookingSpoon is derived from old wine barrels. The timber was usually between 120 and 150 years old before it was even turned into a barrel in which fine wine could mature. Staves from these barrels are used to create TheCookingSpoon.

Experienced carpenters, masters of the necessary ancient craft, work steadfastly on their creations. Their ability and love for the ”soul“ of wood allows them to create unique spoons with a distinctive and warm character from every single barrel stave. Showpieces that have a special place in the kitchen for generations, or as a collector’s item and faithful companion for pots and pans.

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