Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 44 | Winter 2018

In an era that seems to become ever more hectic, rushed and stressful, the desire for a quiet spot of retreat grows proportionately large. The Liv planning team located in Piaristengasse 23 is such an oasis. A place where deep, often hidden desires, needs and dreams find space to stretch out and relax. A place where luxury, tranquility and freedom merge. An inviting spot, where residence dreams come true.

living spaceareaenergy factspurchase price
from 90 m² to 263 m²HWB 22,84from € 958.200,– net


Liv Immobilienvermarktung GmbH
Strozzigasse 32-34
A-1080 Wien
Tel.:+43 (0)1 4021515