Project Description

Kitzbühel & Alpine Region | Issue 10 | Autumn 2019

When you walk into “Wohnraum” in Ellmau, you drop your jaw and never cease doing so. Even the loft-like architecture causes wide-eyed astonishment, generating a unique ambiente of well being. Perfect to stroll through, abide awhile in, enjoy. One thing is sure: your senses will be awakened.

The reason for this is that the owner family Pohl are themselves gourmet-enjoyers to the ultimate degree and want to share these sensuous pleasures with others. In that connection, the Wohnraum Café seduces you with a host of sensuous pleasures such as cupcakes, pastries, cakes, macaroons and a bevy of other tempting sweet sensations. What could ever top that tasteful experience? You guessed it. A superb glass of wine. Or maybe two…

Wine: a must

From Antinori, Gesellmann, Gobelsburg and Kollwentz, all the way to the pearls of small, esoteric vineyards, they are at home in the wine repertoire of senior boss Sigi Pohl, a passionate wine lover. Every Friday afternoon, he decants and tastes the best wines of the season with his guests. He has gained himself the nickname of the “Ellmau Wine Pope” thereby.

Especially for at home

The creative living-space concept comes to its culmination in a noble selection of offerings of original soul-pieces for true living joy.


Dorf 48
A-6352 Ellmau
T +43 (0)5358 45050

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