Project Description

Yachting | 2022

Luxury kitchens as the ultimate refinement on yachts: STEININGER raises interior design to new heights. The Austrian design manufac- ture conceives and plots each and every detail revolving around the absolutely perfect image at sea.

Mit smarter Technologie auf Kurs: M.POD mit 32"-Touchpad für zentrale und intuitive Steuerung.

STEININGER merges international designer language-patois with Aus-trian craftsmanship. Minimalism on the outside, full functionality on the inside. Materials such as noble woods, finest natural stones, aluminium and urban concrete are used. In the initial conception of new yacht models the manufacture sets high store in outdoor kitchen ROCK.AIR on deck alongside the prizewinning FOLD in the interior zone. As an architectural statement for purists, ROCK.AIR has proven its mettle many times in the outdoor arena. Through the ocean-tried version of the kitchen, designer Martin Steininger is now placing the next milestone.

Bespoke-Design für maritimes Interior: Das preisgekrönte Küchenobjekt FOLD wird auf Maß produziert.

For the interior spaces of yachts, their chief designer developed de- sign object FOLD a notch further. The sculptured, frequently prize- awarded kitchen with surfaces of colourful metals like brass is placing grand new stars on the horizon, they glow like objects of art. Through the interactive touchpad M.POD everything is made smart. The digital command centre with internet access and entertainment navigates all the functions.

Minimalismus außen, volle Highend-Funktionen innen


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