Project Description

Sunseeker Germany

Tel.: +49 (0) 21 195 98 94 12

On the fabled Kö, the royal mile in Dusseldorf (‘Königsallee’), the flagship store for all friends of luxury yachts, ensconced at the uppermost level and highest degree of refinement, BRABUS.Sunseeker Germany and BRABUS present, spread across floor space of 400 square metres, not only luxury yachts of 48.5 ft going for a net price of £750,000 or another one 155 ft long fetching a price of more than £24 million, but also everything the heart of a yachtowner yearns for. Mood boards of noble materials and patterns, sumptuous leather collections, accessories and maritime clothing and gear provide the optimal things to complement, i.e. round out to perfection the lifestyle on board a Sunseeker.

BRABUS displays in this showroom not only an exclusive selection of supercars and lovingly restored old timers unsurpassed in quality which are hallmarks of the unbeatable standards of this automobile upgrader; but also material details and accessories from the nearby Bottroper manufacture which are typical of personalized versions of a supercar or an exclusive BRABUS power-evolved version of a Mercedes.

The breathtaking yachts by Sunseeker also fulfil the unspoken wish for an extra deck – the flybridge. A need for convivial get-togethers parallel with a need for slim and sportive sophistication finds its answer in the Predator models. There are no limits to the possibilities and the needs which can be answered.

In the selfsame manner Sunseeker Germany, as part of the Sunseeker London Group, also provides the possibility to come into ownership of a pre-owned yacht through its Sunseeker Brokerage system of purchase on the used yacht market. The Sunseeker name stands for the very best and most reliable quality in the motorized yacht industry and enjoys respect bordering on awe in the manufacture of each single specimen of yacht.

Chris Head, Sales Director of Sunseeker London Group, puts it this way: “The new flagship store in Dusseldorf together with our partner BRABUS will open up brand new opportunities for both companies. Through the new location we have positioned ourselves very close to our German clients, so can serve them and fulfil their wishes far more efficiently and effectively. We are excited and enthusiastic about this new project.” Prof.h.c. Bodo Buschmann, founder and CEO of BRABUS Group corroborates: “Together with our friends at Sunseeker, we are creating an exclusive frame which corresponds flawlessly with our two brands. The location on the Kö will serve our demanding clientele to perfection. We are convinced that we, as foremost representative of the automobile and yachting branches, will make a substantial contribution to the attractiveness of the Noble Mile.”

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