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Kitzbühel & Alpine region | Issue 09 | Spring 2019

The kitchen is a mysterious universe. Pulsating epicentre of everyday life. It thereby becomes so much more important that it can fulfil the demands of the special spot it really is…

The needs and demands of customers are high…and highly individual. They mirror a vast array of personalities and habits in lifestyle. The fine art of defining these patterns and interweaving them into a properly designed kitchen which can actually satisfy such personal demands is the task – and the expertise – of Manzenreiter. They have more than 70 years of experience in doing precisely that, have more than 65 top international brands on offer, including newcomers and niche products in the furniture world, as well as precise production at their own manufacturing facilities. Manzenreiter simply has all the best prerequisites to answer the difficult challenges, realize the ideas, fulfil the wishes of customers by designing, forging and creating the best possible kitchen for each customer.

Utterly unique, from top to bottom

The Manzenreiter experts in kitchen planning know how to turn wishes and needs to reality, with the help of the very best resources from all over the world. Incomparable brand names such as Modulnova, Eggersmann, ewe/INTUO, COOC by Manzenreiter, Gaggenau, Bora, Miele, Strasser and many more besides, guarantee that the absolute latest in technical possibilities and trends are always available. That includes both in functionality and in design. This firm simply knows no limits when it comes to ideas and answering special requirements. Their motto is: “Impossible isn’t possible!” The Manzenreiter team is supremely competent when it comes to creating custom-made kitchens at the ultimate level of sophistication to fulfil the most exacting demands.

Kitchens made of innovation, aesthetics and effectiveness

The centerpiece of modern living to an ever-greater extent is the kitchen. For that reason, kitchens are evolving into “smart kitchens” which can take over increasing numbers of tasks, fulfil increasing numbers of wishes. Healthy food, highly varied timesaving devices lie at the focal point, and can be made more and more comfortable and efficient. The overall smart-home technology is implemented for all equipment and appliances in extremely user-friendly, pre-programmed ways.

An overview of all the myriad possibilities in developing a truly personal kitchen can only be achieved by real kitchen specialists. People whose goal is to find the best way through labyrinthine offerings… for you.


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