Project Description

Vienna | Issue 19 | Spring 2017

Julianna Mühlbauer opened a small milliners with a shop attached in the Florisdorf suburb of VIenna in 1903. A good 100 years later, the family business is in its fourth generation and one of the world’s leading hat makers.

Klaus Mühlbauer, who has managed the company since 2001, has long since transformed this traditional Viennese establishment into a fashionable headwear brand that has caught the eye of an expert and international audience.

Innovation based on tradition

The path to contemporary head-dressing also necessitates the use of ancient skills and traditional craftsmanship. Together with designers, Nora Berger and Madeleine Bujatti, Klaus Mühlbauer designs a men’s and women’s hat collection twice yearly that certainly holds its own on the international millinery scene.

Mühlbauer products set trailblazing aesthetic standards and are handmade using first class materials. Another feature that has long ceased to be an international secret: almost 60 % of the hats that leave the Viennese workshop are sent to prestigious destinations worldwide.

The entire Mühlbauer collections can also be purchased online:

Mühlbauer Hut und Mode GmbH & CO KG
Franz-Josefs-Kai 15
A-1010 Wien
T +43 1 5335269
F +43 1 533526923