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Kitzbühel & Alpine region | Issue 09 | Spring 2019

Interiors become visible, feelable in the hands of joiners and carpenters at Schreinerei Eham, through the abiding value of local wood. The outdoor pavilion known as “Blickwinkel” was created utterly under this star through a collaboration with designer Felix Pöttinger.

In one of the most beautiful spots in Bavaria, not far distant from Kaltenbrunn Estate, with magnificent views over Lake Tegernsee, Eham and designer Felix Pöttinger jointly presented the pavilion known as Blickwinkel. “The company, highly dedicated to high quality local wood, which is what bonds it so intimately to this region, wanted to send a special signal with ‘Blickwinkel’ – one that could be perceived in the outside world. Felix Pöttinger was the perfect design partner for us.”

Everything from one hand

Their enthusiasm for this metier is unbounded, their love of perfection is unrestrained. Those are the foundations for the synergy of design and craftsmanship at the highest possible level for which Eham is known far and wide. It makes this company and its 65 employees the perfect partner for interior design and decoration, for inner architecture all the way to forming facades or supervising the entire project. They are either holistic, all-encompassing; or partial service providers, depending on what is requested.

An integral part of this compendium is the network of craftsmanship partners who share the selfsame dedication. Thus, innovative material combinations can be found and realized. Frequently enough, Eham conceives new perspectives and trends itself. That, in turn, is highly treasured by its international clientele which hails from commercial customers (40%) and private clients (60%).


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