Project Description

Best of Mallorca | 2017

Vacationing in Mallorca is the trend, more than ever. The main reason is the wild diversity of the island’s beauty. A roundabout helicopter flight with Rotorflug brings all of it close-up in a very special way.

Since 2009, the Spanish offshoot of the German firm Rotorflug (headquarters in Friedrichsdorf near Frankfurt) has provided many services revolving around helicopter flights. Its business location is Son Bonet, Mallorca’s oldest aerodrome, in the immediate vicinity of the island’s capital Palma. “The roundabout pleasure flights are especially popular, regardless whether a short hop, a big package or a trip all around the island”, beams Frank de Vries, pilot and managing director of Rotorflug.

His team comprises three pilots and one team assistant. Among the offerings number shuttle flights for VIPs arriving by private jet who wish to lose not a moment in getting to their private finca. Flights to the neighbouring islands of Ibiza and Menorca are also intergral parts of the agenda.

Very Unusual

What distinguishes Rotorflug from the customary flight operators is its cornucopia of special offers, including Heli plus Museum, Heli plus Boat, and most popular of all, Heli plus Wine. There is something for every taste, every hankering. The Heli plus Wine Premium takes the honours in popularity: guests are flown to a bodega, taste the best wines, accompanied by exquisite Mallorca delicacies, then create from grape varieties of their choice their very own wine including wine bottle label. The finale is the aging of their personal wine in oaken casks; the client can take home with him as many as 300 bottles of his own wine.

Sea Level

Rotorflug has official permission to fly over the sea “down to sea level”. That is particularly important for moviemakers and photographers when they are creating documentaries of sports events such as sailing regattas, for example. With 300 days of sunshine every year, that also means absolutely perfect conditions for the company’s own flight school which offers the whole spectrum of instruction refresher course for a pilot’s license all the way to the whole formal flight education of a pilot.

The Company

Founded in 1972 as a family operation, Rotorflug has ongoingly evolved and developed further, and expanded as well. The portfolio nowadays encompasses every imaginable use and deployment of helicopters, from private flights to control flights to air rescue flights. Approximately 12,000 lift-offs are absolved by Rotorflug each year by its 20 helicopters. The core business lies in control-and-supervision flights for the utility companies. In pipeline control alone, 200,000 km are flown annually. In Spain, the company deploys a Bell 206 Long Ranger L3 and a Robinson R44.