Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 43 | Summer 2018 Text: Klaus Dörre

The multimedial future is well underway. Flat screens in ever more brilliant colour quality, audio systems with stupendous resonance, intelligent voice control, networked house technology, “smart homes” etc. etc. etc. Complex high tech behind it all is one aspect, perfect navigational overview and control is the other. Koidl AV-Technik will provide the best of both.

How wonderful to know that a master of longstanding experience is at the controls, has everything under his fingertips. Herbert Koidl is prized by his clients in branches such as sophisticated hotels, commercial establishments and private homes, and has been appreciated for more than 20 years.

Know How and Intuition

Which models should be used, where are all-encompassing solutions called for, where are the client’s needs, for which architecture and what kinds of indoor-outdoor rooms and materials are each respective solution best suited? Complicated, if you don’t know. Koidl grasps the whole intuitively, implements every detail with precision.

Efficient and restrained

Koidl AV-Technik realizes the wildest special desires of clients and works relentlessly towards the most suitable solutions. Technology turns out both effective and efficient. Moreover, it hides decently in the background, without a splash or a sound.

Top brands

It goes without saying that Koidl AV-Multimedia utilizes absolute top brand names, such as Bose, Sonos, Loewe and Panasonic. As a so-called Galerist, the Koidl company is a Loewe representative at highest levels of competence. Herbert Koidl personally takes time for his clients to pursue individually-tailored solutions at their best, upon prior arrangement via simple phone call.


Koidl AV-Technik KG
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A-6380 St. Johann in Tirol
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