Project Description

Wien | Issue 18 | WINTER 2016

Exclusive and international style, lively and functional design, consequent project and design concepts and all their declensions: Rimadesio furnishes modern houses with taste and elegance – thanks to a collection that combines sophisticated technical systems with ingenious finesse.

Rimadesio and Grünbeck

Grünbeck has been Rimadesio’s exclusive Austrian partner for 20 years and presents the highlights and innovations of this luxury Italian brand in Vienna. The Rimadesio flagship store was completely redesigned for the Vienna Design Week, creating the ideal setting to showcase all aspects of the brand’s stylish evolution and its new collections: ”day collection“, ”night collection“ and the new revolving and sliding doors make a glorious appearance here. A perfect synergy of new materials, new finishes combined with innovative design that impressively document Rimadesio’s competence in design and conception.

Grünbeck is one of Rimadesio’s global competence centres, in addition to other locations in Milan, Nice, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Monaco, Brussels, Istanbul, Beirut, Tel Aviv, New Delhi, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila und New York. The latest room divider systems, doors, cupboard systems, domestic solutions, table and accessories can be viewed over 160 m² at the historic Grünbeck building.

Design competence in the blood

Development, innovation and perfection have been part of the Rimadesio DNA since its founding year in1956. Together with Giuseppe Bavuso, architect and artistic director of the company, Rimadesio developed a clear and unique aesthetic design from its very inception. To this day, it consistently pursues a lifestyle concept that offers solutions to a sophisticated, inquisitive audience whose distinctive stylistic trends anticipate and characterise, while at the same time setting benchmarks in terms of functionality. An understated style that is always authentic and multifaceted. Glass and aluminium – and the perfect processing and combination of these materials – are the outstanding elements of Rimadesio designs. Intelligent solutions, exclusively ”Made in Italy“, whose formal simplicity, advanced technology and elegance reflect the founding values of Rimadesio.

Rimadesio bei Grünbeck Einrichtungen
Margaretenstraße 93
Kundenparkplätze im Hof
A-1050 Wien
T +43 1 544 83 39