Project Description

KITZBÜHEL | Issue 42 | Winter 2017

Michaela Schulze is a highly dedicated, fiercely engaged interior architect in Kitzbühel. Thanks to her wide-open, candid way of connecting with her clients, she actually feels what their needs and desires are. She then turns those deep inner wishes to reality with her well-founded professional knowledge. The basis of her unusual ability to realize client projects lies in her sensitivity to colours.

Discover what is essential

In the course of talks with her clients, Michaela Schulze begins with a concept or inchoate feeling, works outwards to material reality by means of patterns, sketches and visualisations. Regardless whether it is overall planning or re-doing a small interior zone, she and her team are impassioned to find the perfect realization which embodies everything the client hopes for.

Generating flair

“An object is successful when it corresponds to the images and yearnings of the client’s personality and when the client subsequently feels it through well-being,” is the way Michaela Schulze articulates the challenge. “Each and every client, each and every project, is unique, depending on personality, circumstances and location. That is what makes it exciting.” The interior decorating team at Country Classics includes Margreth, Melanie and Sonja. They guarantee hands-on involvement and a high degree of professionality in every endeavor.

Implementing highly diverse projects is made possible through their collaboration with first-class craftsmen. Only when that network works to perfection – from concept to consignment to materialisation – as it does at Country Classics, can all the necessities be fulfilled. And four walls transformed thereby into “Home Sweet Home”.

Sensitive touch, professional hands

Michaela Schulze’s “Country Classics Interior Design” grew out of a small enterprise founded in 1999 dealing in furniture and unusual pieces. Her guiding light in this evolution was: “Your home needs to be a retreat for your soul.” That is the objective Country Classics works toward ardently, avidly, including a sensitive touch and highly professional hands.


Country Classics Interior Design
Michaela Schulze, Innenarchitektin
Jochbergerstraße 21
A-6370 Kitzbühel
T +43 (0)5356 66808