Project Description

Vienna | Issue 20 | Autumn 2017

In Tulln, a cutting-edge home proffers itself to view. With elegant, modern, crystal clear lines, a large garden and a big swimming pool. The inspiration for the ”architectural language” of this property was the desire of the technical enthusiast builder to harmonize it with his favourite car: the Range Rover Sport.

It proved an additional challenge to the Wunschhaus (“wish yourself a house”) team of architects for this dream-come-true home. And not an unusual one, confirms Murat Özcelik, Wunschhaus director, since quirky desires tend to stoke up the creative fires of planning efforts of this team at their architectural atelier in southern Vienna until they attain a red-hot pitch. After all, nomen est omen.

High-tech and Living comfort 4.0

The builders sought a modern architectural language that was sleekly oriented to their favourite car, the Range Rover Sport. Based on that, the team of architects created a powerfully-shaped design both on the interior and exterior linked to high-quality technology and spacious, dark-tinted window fronts. Thanks to smart-home high tech, the in-house functions can be controlled via cell phone or iPad, even adjusting the height of the flames in the fireplace. That was a ”must” for the technology freaks.

Villa with pool in the green zone

The focal point of the attractively formed outdoor spaces is the big swimming pool. “In a garden town like Tulln, it goes without saying that great weight is placed on the outdoor landscape. Our concept comprises a range of blossoming plants and trees covering the whole cycle of seasons, all of which, however, are extremely easy to maintain”, emphasizes Dr. Özcelik, displaying evident pleasure at the occupation of the property by the builder family.

The company

Wunschhaus is an atelier dedicated to design and construction located in southern Vienna. It specializes in planning and building exclusive family homes. Such a partnership of architects and builders in one single atelier is unique. More than 500 architect-designed homes have been successfully realized and erected by this atelier.


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