Project Description

Kitzbühel & Alpenraum | Issue 08 | Autumn 2018

The new mountain villas of Hotel Chalet Mirabell exceed and outshine everything which has preceded it. They set brand new standards in design and comfort, amplified still further by the location, then reinforced another notch by the excellence of the furnishings.

Two to eight persons find accommodation in the four villas. Each villa has three bedrooms and en-suite baths, as well as a living room with fireplace. The highlight is the houses’s own infinity pool unfolding picturesque panorama views, along with the house’s own panorama outdoor sauna nicknamed “Black Design” with infra-red technology. And it goes without saying that guests can also utilise to their hearts’ content all the services, as well as the spa, of Hotel Chalet Mirabell against the backdrop of a Pamper-the-Guest gourmet meals programme.

Whoever is looking for that extra-special something will find their wishes and dreams fulfilled at the Premium Forest Villa. It lies right at the edge of the woods and provides a living area of no less than 303 m2 with room for twelve guests, additional bedrooms, plus a small fitness studio which even has its own infra-red sauna in the master bedroom. The bed in this forest villa is on rollers and can even be rolled out onto the terrace. Thus, you can slumber literally beneath the stars, gazing all the while at the sparkling skies above. Or else, in case that is your preference, spend the whole day in bed, and yet still be outside in the fresh air.

Must do nothing, can do anything. Each villa not only has a magnificently equipped kitchen, but also its own BBQ station on the terrace. And whoever does not want to cook simply summons a private chef into the house. Another alternative: a stroll through the garden lands you at Hotel Chalet Mirabell, where down-to-earth culinary dishes alongside surprising creations by our young chef Terence Stillebacher await your taste buds with anticipation and enthusiasm. The formula is simple: if you seek relaxation, regardless whether alone or together with your loved ones, this is the spot to find it. There is lots of space for marvellous days in the lap of magnificent natural surroundings, with interior spaces to match the splendid outdoors.


Hotel Chalet Mirabell
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