Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 44 | Winter 2018 Text: Klaus Dörre

That they are professional is self-evident. On the other hand, whoever is looking for planners, builders and architects in the Kitzbühel region, someone for whom the needs, desires and wishes of clients are just as close to their heartbeat as their passion for the profession and for the natural landscapes of the Kitzbühel Alps, is bound willy-nilly to find their way to Sebastian and Erika Resch and their devoted team. This address is equally self-evident, for this is a place where you know you are right on course.

Candour, collaboration, the old-fashioned quality of a handshake are the attributes which mark this family, along with reliability and continuity. The proof? There are members of their team who have worked there for five years (building supervisor Leonhard Salfenauer), for ten years (engineer Kerstin Winderl, engineer Mario Czappek) and even 18 years (engineer Christian Flatscher and Wolfgang Czappek). That is proof positive of quality, continuity, trustworthiness and the high respect successful teamwork demands, seminal elements in a business culture extended to colleagues and clients.

The modern interpretations by Resch Master Builders fulfil client desires for authenticity, they make architecture a timeless symbol of local building culture. Highly modern developments are carried out with great ease by Resch, integrated into earliest planning phases. Energyoptimized construction is given high consideration: use of ground warmth and solar energy is logical, thus used consequentially.
From initial planning to drafting of concepts all the way to tendering offers and execution on-time, everything comes from one and the selfsame source. Even the selection of the right building lot is something Sebastian Resch assists you with: he knows every nook and cranny of the land and is utterly oriented to client wishes. Thanks to longstanding experience and outstanding collaboration with top local craftsman of the region, his projects are carried out to perfection. Service and care, also after the home has been built, are part of the overall service package.


Bau- und Planungsbüro Resch GmbH
Kaiserweg 30
A-6353 Going am Wilden Kaiser
T +43 (0)5358 2200
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