Project Description

Kitzbühel & Alpenraum | Issue 08 | Autumn 2018 Text: Klaus Dörre

For most people, the mountain landscape all around the Wilder Kaiser and in the Kitzbüheler Alps is a source of energy and tranquility at the same time. Whoever builds a home here seeks an architect and builder who is as deeply connected with primeval nature as with the authentic and sophisticated building styles of the region.

Sebastian Resch and his team turn precisely that dream and that need to reality. Profound respect for nature flows deep in Resch’s plans. His modern interpretations fulfil the equally deep desire for authenticity, turn architecture to a timeless symbol of local design culture. State-of-the-art developments are of course integrated into the Resch plans. Homes are built in optimal energy-saving ways, utilizing ground warmth and solar energy, consequentially and logically.

From the early planning stages, to initial drafts, all the way to tender offers for timely execution of each task, everything flows from one and the same hand. Even the selection of the best possible piece of land to build on is guided by the capable and knowing eye of Sebastian Resch. Thanks to long years of experience and fruitful collaboration with the region’s best craftsmen, projects are completed without friction. Supervision, guidance and after-purchase services are just as self-evident as the construction itself.

Things like tradition, keeping both feet firmly on the ground without high-flying notions, go without saying. He works professionally and at the cusp of time on projects which will gain personal appreciation with time, as well as value. His tried-and-trusted team couches you in youthfully creative and professional experienced hands. That is a constellation which is capable of reaching the apex of sophistication. And also includes continuity, safety and quality at every step of the way.


Bau- und Planungsbüro Resch GmbH
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