Project Description

Vienna | Issue 20 | Autumn 2017

Schloss Greinburg Castle on the Danube houses a new jewel – at least for builders, interior designers and fans of exquisite interior concept. The creative competence and craftsmanship of Lehner comes into a world of its own in the white vaulted rooms of this historic summer and hunting residence.

Lehner Raumkonzept is the pioneer of a trend-setting development in interior architecture: with the kitchen as the heart of the living ambience, where dining and living space combine to create a seamless and vibrant interior landscape. “We specialise on the heart of the house – the kitchen. It is our mission to ensure that each of our clients receives their very own, unique and handcrafted designer kitchen. We allow kitchens to emerge – for which we require neither magic nor prefabricated kitchen lines, but our own designers and craftsmen“, explains Georg Lehner.

Lehner Raumkonzept combines extraordinary design competence with handcrafted perfection – opening up night-on endless possibilities in the process. “One of our strengths most valued by clients and architects, is that we are adept at incorporating the living and dining areas into our kitchen concepts, allowing these three areas to merge into one true entity“, continues Lehner. Another unique and extraordinary feature is that these kitchen concepts are created in Schloss Greinburg Castle. Manufacture, on the other hand, takes place in the heart of the Mühlviertel.


Lehner Raumkonzept GmbH
Hornberg 8
A-4371 Dimbach
T +43 (0)7260 74310

Schloss Greinburg
Greinburg 1
A-4360 Grein an der Donau