Project Description

Best of Mallorca | 2017

Six years ago I decided to leave Sweden to settle on my favourite place in the world, Mallorca. After many years of going back and forward, I came to a point where I had to make a decision where home should be. And the choice was easy.

After more than twenty years in the media world, as an Art Director, I wanted to develop other sides of my profession. And also combine my previous experiences within visual art and communication to create a new platform.

The move to Mallorca made me see the beauty in every day, so photography became like a daily habit. I loved to catch those magic moments in the every day living. So making the transition to become a photographer came very naturally. My knowledge of being in charge of lots of photo shoots as an Art Director before, gave me the confidence to proceed with that change.

When I started my Instagram account ”lifestyle_mallorca” I had a vision of what I wanted to create, but I had no idea that it would bring me so much opportunities. But it all started with the desire of telling stories; combining photos with words.

The essence of my photography is what I call ”soul photography”. To catch a feeling, an emotion and transmit it to the viewer. And no matter what I am shooting (it can be portraits, fashion, interiors or lifestyle), this is what I try to do. I mainly work with natural light since I love the feeling it brings to the pictures.

During the last years I work for both magazines (Spanish and international ones) and having commercial clients. But also having the opportunity to work with books and photo art.

Pernilla Danielsson
T +34 693 04 24 42