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Kitzbühel | Issue 48 | Winter 2020 Text: Klaus Dörre

Through an exclusive range of products and concepts devoted to bathrooms and wellbeing studios, NOVOLINE launched a “golden age” which then rapidly expanded, turning them into a full-service all-round provider of stylish living rooms / rooms for living, alongside offices, medical/legal practices and stores. Lately the exquisite combinations of materials for which NOVOLINE is renowned also include Rolls-Royce quality leather as the newest highlight.

Leder in Rolls Royes Qualität von Novoline

Residenz am Berg in Jochberg bei Kitzbühel –

“We managed to conclude a partnership with one of the very best leather producers in Germany, one who among other things makes the exclusive leather for Rolls Royce models. They are now a NOVOLINE supplier. That means that we can embellish and adorn dining tables, panelled walls, sideboards and other pieces with the very finest leather obtainable, and we can do it at astonishingly affordable prices,” enthuses Christian Plank, technical sector director of operations at NOVOLINE. Through that step, NOVOLINE sets a brand new apogee in its ongoing march of success, which began with Italian designers and hand-crafted bathroom sinks fashioned from the best materials earth has to offer. In the meantime, NOVOLINE extends the same quality to other rooms for living and working, too.

Innenausstatter Novoline: Leder passt auch gut zu Altholz.

Kitz Joch Residence

‘Affordable exclusivity’ is the foundation of their philosophy, and they have melded it with their own good name. NOVOLINE sets innovative accents in design, functionality, technology and exterior surfaces of all the things we are surrounded by. Extravagant, yes. Individual, yes. Eminently combinable, yes. But most of all: affordable. Thereby, spaces which awaken all five senses, in which architecture and function go hand in hand, are generated. Thanks to their efficient partner network with more than 80 showrooms, the extraordinary quality of NOVOLINE products and concepts is available to customers practically everywhere in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Novoline Interior setzt Akzente mit Leder

Your premium partner in Kitzbühel is Kitzbühel Bäderstudio at Ehrenbachgasse 4 and Plank Exclusiv on Lake Chiemsee. These partners are the sole contacts (excepting NOVOLINE itself) for all those in this region who wish to enter the NOVOLINE world of quality and savour its joys. Both partners have also been distinguished in Austria and in Germany by the award “Best Bathroom Studio”.

Lounge Bestuhlung von Novoline


Kitzbüheler Bäderstudio
Lindenberger KG
Ehrenbachgasse 4
A-6370 Kitzbühel
T +43 (0)5356 626705

Plank Exklusiv
Gewerbestraße 3
D-83236 Übersee
T +49 (0)8642 595050

NOVO Group GmbH
Hügelstraße 16
D-97320 Albertshofen
T +49 (0)9321 2629060
F +49 (0)9321 2629061

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