Project Description

KITZBÜHEL & Alpine Region | Issue 04 | Autumn 2017

On his first project in Switzerland, interior designer Bernd Gruber was called to the canton of Grisons in the Swiss Alps. At over 1000 meter altitude, he was asked to fulfil a number of highly specific tasks in designing a luxury apartment. For example, the builder wanted a home which could be easily separated into four individual apartments.

A challenge of the first order, which Bernd Gruber gladly took on. By utilising sliding mobile walls and subdivisions which can be withdrawn into the greater walls until they are invisible, a surface area of about 700 m² was created. It can be enjoyed spaciously as a grand loft; when needed, it can be sub-divided into four separate units. That way, it provides space for up to 24 persons, 20 adults and four children.

Ample elements and furniture

… were specially created just for this apartment. Also the bunkbeds for the children were designed completely in accord with the pervasive style of the interior. Bernd Gruber created the beds himself and produced them in his own workshop. “We developed an elegantly-proportioned modular shelf system and manufactured it in a variety of materials”, explains Philipp Hoflehner. “Depending on the deployment area, old wood and new oak was used, and also stone”, explains the creative director of Bernd Gruber.

An interplay of surfaces

The professional kitchen is a high-calibre feature which meets even the high standards of a gourmet-star chef. The surfaces present a dazzling interplay ranging from rough to fine. The Gruber team worked with a melange of specially selected fir and pine, stack-staggered to form a bar and set it off against smooth, fine surfaces, then accented it with sleek, natural oak atop a particularly beautiful natural stone from Italy known as ceppo di gré to create a cornucopia of surface structures.

The entire floor of the loft is finished with a quiet, continuous spatula-concrete technique. This has the effect of drawing all the contrasting materials together through the link of elegance and tranquility.

About Bernd Gruber

Bernd Gruber took over the reins at an already existing carpentry business from his father in 1992 and began at once to restructure the operation according to his own ideas. In summer of 2016 the workshop in Stuhlfelden was enlarged to 2000 m2 and thoroughly modernised. The professionality of the premises coupled with the passionate dedication of its personnel form the foundations of this new company which is now internationally in demand.


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