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Yachting | 2021 | Text: Bettina Krause

Combine nature with technology on the high seas to generate a one-of-a-kind experience in water sports. That is the idea behind the design of the new Elan GT6 sailing yacht. The first sailing yacht from the studio of F. A. Porsche embodies GT6 elegance, minimalism,

Porsche Segelyacht

At a length of 49 ft (15 metres) the flagship forms a perfect symbiosis of the masterful technical achievements of renowned Slovene shipbuilder Elan Yachts, on the one hand, and the design philosophy of F. A. Porsche Studio on the other.

This luxurious sailing ship is inspired in equal measure by the form and dynamics of a sports car and the gentle sweeping strength of a sting ray. What mattered most in designing the yacht were precisely balanced proportions of the ship’s overall volume, a reduced ergonomic language of shape-and-form, functional selection of materials, and an overwhelming love of detail. The lounge furniture is finished in leather, the helm (fashioned of carbon) recalls the steering wheel of a Formula 1 car in its dazzling, sportive form.

Functional …

…is the essence of the flexibly convertible furniture and navigation table, capable of optimal transformation to a dining table, thereby expanding room utility to the utmost. A flowing, wrap-around belt merges living, sleeping and kitchen areas to a unified overall living space, and also gives objects a safe-and-sure anchored steadiness even in heavy seas.

Die neue Segelyacht von PorschePorsche Segelyacht


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