Project Description

Best of Mallorca | 2018 Text: Klaus Dörre

Stefan Knopp has a noble objective: to liberate the soul of his wood objects and primeval tables. Each piece is unique. Each piece has its own inimitable character. Each piece tends to find precisely the right buyer.

Behind this craft, the close bond between human beings and nature is what supplies the power to Stefan Knopp’s furniture. His passion for wood oozes from every pore, along with his ongoing love if genuineness which in the end only nature can generate.

The quality of wood

It is a truism in the Alps that wood supplied by living trees is the only thing which can create harmonious living, like the way a forest generates its own harmonious living space. Ancient lore even prescribes a certain wood for a specific purpose, each creates its own special effect.

The soul of wood

For Stefan Knopp, this goes far deeper than mere logic. “Trees are vessels of stored solar energy,” he explains, “thus, the wood radiates warmth, exudes well being and security.” Once he locates the right wood for a specific purpose, he develops an inner fire to grant it the character it merits, layer by layer, until it emerges like a living sculpture.

Nature begins the work, Knopp completes it. Through his extraordinary surface refinements, he brings the inner depths of the wood to the fore, alchemized to a reborn embodiment of the tree.

The source of inspiration

“My source of inspiration is always the same: the material itself”, he says, as if it were obvious. He merely lends it the form which he “sees” dwelling inside it, transforming it into design objects radiating artistic quality which instantly become the highlight of tasteful interior decoration.

“Grasping” it

It is eternally fascinating to him what happens when clients “visit” his tables in their raw state. They can’t restrain themselves from stroking, feeling, handling it before they spontaneously blurt out, “Yes, that’s it!” This “grasping” is to Stefan Knopp proof that people actually enter a state of symbiotic resonance with his pieces, an exchange of positive energy takes place. For customers, it is an adventure to make their selection in his workshop, which throbs with living inspiration, then ultimately carry their finished piece home with them.


Stefan Knopp
Mühlbach 2
A-5162 Obertrum am See
T +43 (0)699 100 26796
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