Project Description

KITZBÜHEL | Issue 42 | Winter 2017 Text: Klaus Dörre

Stone pine? Smoky oak? Natural stone? Kitzbühel? Some people, when they hear these catchwords, can only envision traditional peasant living rooms. Holzrausch thinks differently.

Especially when it is a matter of creating a special ambience in Kitzbühel for a young Munich IT executive and his wife which is modern, elegant and functional at one and the same time. And which nevertheless radiates an inimitable, authentic and ultra-simple Tyrolean charm. Stone pine and oaken woods, together with nagelfluh, a typical alpine stone conglomerate, were the raw materials which Holzrausch used to furnish the “imperial chamber“ and living room/kitchen. The project took about six months, from the intial contact through the planning stage, all the way to the handover of keys.

Every item is inspiring and unique

Light concepts and interior design coalesce into one single unit at Holzrausch. Indirect lighting radiates out of stone pine walls in the ”imperial chamber” and gives rise to a deeply harmonious, redolent ambience through lighting by PS Lab. The corridor floors are also of pinewood. Massive nagelfluh elements for the chimney, kitchen counters and chopping block set striking accents in living room and kitchen over the oaken corridors. Ingenious: the kitchen can ”disappear” when called for through turn-and-slide-away doors of smoky oak at the front.


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