Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 41 | Summer 2017 Text: Klaus Dörre

Shirin Hornecker has been successfully engaged as a coach in the sectors of performance sports, stress management and life satisfaction for more than ten years. On this path she accompanies and guides private persons, company employees and athletes, amateurs and professionals alike, in pinpointing and enacting necessary changes. Articulating and initiating these processes in discreet, easily triggered and flexible ways is her particular expertise.

Summarizing Shirin’s plethora of competencies in applicable psychological and instructive areas is itself a challenge, perhaps best pegged as “Interdisciplinary Meta-Competence”. However, her new competence includes and distils all these areas into one:

In Norway, “Communicology” has been well known for over 30 years. The field focuses on rapid assistance for rapid change, without necessitating wearisome and long-suffering therapies; together with helping people to organize themselves to “swim free” of whatever obstacles, blockades and “stones” bar the way. Or else, learning to become a natural authority, a leader, learning to deal with constructive feedback (attention, teachers!). It is effected quite pragmatically, without the slightest “esoteric” touch. Locating these abilities, activating these skills, pinpointing one’s own inner strengths and developing them –”without having to talk much about them” – are what Shirin Hornecker does. She accompanies you, stimulates you, along that path.


Shirin Hornecker
Praxis am See
Am See 6
A-6370 Kitzbühel
M +43 (0)699 19029214