Project Description

Vienna | Issue 19 | Spring 2017

Ein Weltreisefahrzeug oder Expeditions-Wohnmobil zu bauen bedeutet ein hohes Maß an Verantwortung zu übernehmen. Soll doch das „Rollende Zuhause” seinem Eigentümer auch fernab von Zivilisation und Infrastruktur Sicherheit garantieren und möglichst viel Komfort bieten.

For this reason, Action Mobil is always at the cutting edge of the latest technology. This means: constantly searching for innovation, detailed planning and continuous testing of materials. Only the very best components and materials tested by Action Mobil make the grade when it comes to building these expedition vehicles. In order to realise individual requirements during construction and maintain personal contact with the customer, the Action Mobil Team invests a great deal of time in intensive consultation and planning.

Extreme Quality …

… which has its price and: is worth it! Which is also why Action Mobil is often referred to as the “Rolls Royce” amongst extreme motorhomes. The “Pure” series is also available for those looking for a more economical version of an Action Mobile expedition vehicle. It goes without saying, however, that in this case neither security or quality are economised, but merely a few discretional accessories and luxury fittings.

After-Sales-Support …

Most Action Mobil customer vehicles have internet or satelitle positioning systems and satelite telephones on board, so contact can be made with Action Mobil from almost every corner of the globe.


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