Project Description
Kitzbühel | Issue 46 | Winter 2019

A fireplace is an oasis, and an endless source of warmth, cosiness and homey atmosphere. The 20-person team at Design- und Kaminmanufaktur Schinharl turns individual fireplace dreams to reality, both with open and closed fireplaces, reaching a standard of excellence undreamed of by most. The results, which dazzle every customer, are guaranteed by specialists and interior architects, engineers and oven builders through professional counsel and professional realization of fireplaces.

Eine offener Kamin von Schinharl schafft wohlige Wärme.

Customers are encouraged to express their wishes and dreams without limit. Natural-gas powered fireplaces alongside classic wood-burning fireplaces can be designed in closed or open style to ensure just the kind of campfire-feeling you crave. Customers are free to set the dimensions of their own fireplace just as they please. With open fireplaces, there are no pre-set measurements to limit the imagination. Through a variety of models and variations, Schinharl designs and builds not only chic, high-end special editions, but also homey fireplaces which fit the pocketbook and the living room dimensions of everyone. The price/performance ratio is highly attractive. Thanks to many years of experience, these experts are not at all shy to attempt brand new kinds of models, experiment in fulfilling unusual customer wishes.

Eigene Interiordesigner sind die Planung und Einrichtung von individuellen Kaminen spezialisiert. Fotocredit: Schinharl München

A tried-and-tested, longstanding network of partners ensures you access to the best of materials and highly exclusive sources. Regardless whether you prefer Italian natural stone, spark-eroded steel, anodised aluminum or concrete for a mature and satisfying industrial look.

Ein Ofen von Schinharl ist ein Designstatement.

Inspiration and references of fireplaces Schinharl has built and which attain unparalleled beauty and uniqueness can be viewed in the showroom of the Design- und Kaminmanufaktur at the Stillhof in Brunnthal, outside of Munich. The on-site staff will be more than happy to advise you individually and comprehensively. Prior arrangement of when you will visit is requested, assuring plenty of time and attentiveness.

Kamine von Schinharl schaffen ein tolles Wohnambiente.
Sicherheit wird bei der Firma Schinharl groß geschrieben.


Headquarter & Showroom
Aitrachstraße 8
D-84130 Dingolfing
T +49 (0)8731 91384
F +49 (0)8731 91375

Schinharl Showroom im STILHOF München
Eugen-Sänger-Ring 7a
D-85649 Brunnthal

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