Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 43 | Summer 2018

Mitja Einspieler has come to understand a great truth: Jewelry bedazzles and beautifies for a lifetime – if it is made from high-quality materials and also has a superior level of design quality. It outlives every fashion trend and enchants each day anew and enchants each day anew.

Einspieler, a jewelry artisan, designer, and expert, creates beautiful pieces that make every heart skip a beat. Each piece is a display of genuine goldsmith craftsmanship, personally created by the craftsman himself, and a true gem in every sense. His jewelry workshop – located in a medieval vault in Klagenfurt’s old town – which he manages together with his wife, Martina – has been the top address for exclusive jewelry for many years. In the skillful hands of Mitja Einspieler, rings, necklaces, earrings, and pendants made of extraordinary materials become veritable declarations of love made from gold, platinum, and precious stones. They are not merely material investments, they are objects of lasting value, and priceless memories of the people to whom we are deeply connected.

The jewelry designer draws inspiration for his exquisite pieces of jewelry while working with precious materials, in nature, and in conversations with friends, customers and his wife Martina, bolstered by the ambiance that pervades the time-honored heart of Klagenfurt.

His special focus is on diamonds. Diamonds are billions of years old, they have been hurled up by volcanoes hundreds of kilometers from the depths of the Earth, they are extracted from solid and unrelenting source rock – and they sparkle like a thousand stars. “The stones are highly concentrated energy, they are the most captivating light,” enthuses Mitja Einspieler in his Klagenfurt jewelry workshop. “That is the allure and the fascination of this jewel.” Einspieler has extensive expertise when it comes to the quality criteria for the hardest natural material on Earth. That’s part of why he is one of the most successful diamond retailers in Carinthia. His clients: discerning people looking for exclusive jewelry or a secure investment opportunity.

“Diamonds are rock solid, incomparably valuable greetings from prehistoric Earth, and by far the most popular precious stone of all, both for jewelry and for capital investment,” says Mitja Einspieler – and the man knows what he is talking about.


Renngasse 7
A-9020 Klagenfurt
T +43 (0)463 502 767
M +43 (0)664 443 08 79