Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 40 | WINTER 2016

The battle for attention in the media world is supposedly no different from winning a race at high speed. Development, however, is not only distinguished by increasing the tempo. Successful innovation is being progressively driven by Slow Media.

Slow Media meets the desire to switch off, the need for peace and profundity. The pursuit of quality is also an important driving force for Slow Media. Because: its users seek to immerse themselves by reading, listening, seeing, communicating and: achieve sustainable quality. A development that is no longer considered a “trend” or “guarantee of survival” for publishers and quality print-media, but has instead developed into a significant component for growth.

The leisureliness of turning the page

Printed products usually demand a certain amount of exclusive time for their consumption. They are difficult to read “alongside”. Whether book, magazine,
newspaper or letter, they all have an emotional value. They combine a tactile and sensual experience. “Paper is flesh, screen is metal”, is how media critic and publicist, Alessandro Ludovico, describes the emotional power of paper.

Slow Lifestyle

Conveyance of the values of leisureliness, conscious living and pleasurable consumption form the content of a growing number of magazines devoted to the slow lifestyle.

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