Project Description

Kitzbühel & Alpenraum | Issue 08 | Autumn 2018

Earth, air, fire and water are the primeval elements of life. From earth comes the material for the innovation from modern grilling: the Feuerring.

Air and water are what make fire possible. Fire itself is a source of warmth, a power spot for human encounters since time immemorial. Already thousands of years ago, a blazing fire provided warmth and life.

Fire sends out a signal: a meeting place for human beings, a spot to freshen up friendships, a crossroads for cooking together and enjoying the fruits of your efforts. The Feuerring as modern fireplace draws all those attributes together: convivial get-togethers around the glow of flame which – viewed as art – is an enrichment for every backyard.

Barbecue as art

The favourite pastime of summer evenings – barbecues – uncovers new and stylish possibilities with the Feuerring. Swiss steel sculptor Andreas Reichlin created an attractive design of solid hoop-shaped steel plates interconnected by a self-defined shell. The crackling fire accompanying the actual barbecue provides an unbeatable atmosphere. Waiting for the perfect state of the coals is eliminated.

You grill on a steel hoop, which can reach temperatures of 150 to 300 degrees, and which utilizes the interior of the shell. That way, the barbecued items can first be swiftly seared, then gently barbecued until they are ready to eat. Apart from sausages, meats (including entire roasts) and fish, also fried eggs, crêpes, raclette, rösti, bread and lots of other things can be prepared this way. Your culinary fantasy can truly let loose.

With the Feuerring…

…the chef and his guests can enjoy backyard cooking at its simplest and most enjoyable, an experience which opens up new dimensions of barbecues with the Feuerring. It is healthy, authentic and delicious. Guests are taken on a unique culinary voyage of warmth and sociability as they enjoy perfectly barbecued tasty treats upon the flickering flames.

New experience, new enjoyment

With the Feuerring, a new philosophy of life is revived: convivial, comfortable, the joy of togetherness to savour a primordial, archaic form of living. Full of enjoyment, healthy grilling on an attractive and meaningful work of art which can easily become the subject of conversation in itself, in any circumstances, at any time of year.

Save the date

The biennial session known as “Designers’ Saturday” has created a niche as central destination for pilgrims in the Swiss designer scene. Free of the conventions of classic trade fairs, it makes innovations palpable, feelable, wherever passion and power of innovation have been thought through and reach fruitful product status. In the middle of outstanding hospitality, in incomparable atmosphere where production centers and dynamic designer firms interact. That’s where you can experience the Feuerring – live – from 2nd to 4th November in Langenthal, Switzerland. For details and tickets, please consult:


Feuerring GmbH
Andreas Reichlin, Beate Hoyer
Tieftalweg 3
CH-6405 Immensee