Project Description

Best of Lakes | 2017

Even the fourth generation of the family-run operation Famler in Salzburg is dedicated body-and-soul to high quality and stylish furnishings which embraces outstanding planning, individually tailored spatial concepts for rooms, valuable brand-name furniture and hand craftsmanship to perfection from their own traditional carpentry workshops.

The furnishing of a summer apartment in Velden on lake Wörthersee is but one of the shining examples where the masterful professionality of Famler strikes the eye. A showcase example demonstrating the family and corporate philosophy: substance is at the forefront. The only style which matters is easy to pinpoint: your own. The summer apartment in Velden extends over two floors and comprises a total of 200m2. On the exterior its modern architecture – boasting a sandstone facade and generous window walls  – beams the romantic charm of Velden’s castle, lake Wörthersee and the surrounding beauty of nature.

High-calibre and elegant

The challenge for Famler was “to translate the supreme merit, elegance and transparency of the architecture, along with the natural charms of the exterior world, into the interior rooms”, as interior architect Laura Famler elucidates. Spaciousness, easy-goingness, transparency. Creating those things was the aim of her basic concept. A tough challenge for the planners, since the utility shaft (including stairway, technical facilities and wet areas) divides the ensemble of rooms in two and creates a narrow channel inside the inner ambiente.

Finding form with substance

All in all, a highlight in the wide-ranging portfolio of Famler Furnishings, as well as proof positive how fastidious and deep the company is, utilizing their knowledge and their philosophy to make client dreams come about. “The term ‘design’ is used for many things, much too often, much too loosely. We avoid this superficial approach. We steer in the direction of quality materials, carefully conceived functionality and perfectly finished surfaces. Good form with super substance. That is our goal.”


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