Project Description

Yachting | 2022

Through the highly creative use of a wide range of fixings and mountings which the shade-generating industry SunSquare developed itself, nothing seems out of reach anymore. The limits between interior and exterior spaces are disappearing more and more. That is also true at 7Pines Resort in Ibiza.

Apart from aesthetic demands on the devices genera- ting shade, in the high-class hotels and restaurants they also need to fulfil the highest technical and functional desires of architects and investors. This has turned out to be easy for the shade-generating pros, as becomes amply visible at the 7Pines project.

What is most important for SunSquare is the flawless and reliable collaboration between their own team and their partners: this needs to flow smoothly down to the tiniest detail. In this vein, for example, the renowned sales partner incompar balear s.l. is responsible for the entire project development. The highly-motivated team realized the project, including a variety of planning and coordinating steps, within the span of three months, the actual installation then took another week. All in all, eight SunSquare systems were mounted and set into operation under ideal teamwork conditions, thereby generating no less than 450 m² of shaded space which further blur the distinctions between indoor and out- door spaces.

Also the General Manager of the resort was brimming with enthusiasm: “Innovative and technically state-of- the-art. These sun sails by SunSquare are dazzling not only in their design, but also in their convincing use. For three and a half years, we have enjoyed highly personal, even tailor-made service.”


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