Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 41 | Summer 2017

Rosi’s Sonnbergstubn are the legendary meeting place of the in-society of Kitzbühel. “Herzgschichtn” is Rosi Schipflinger’s TV channel in the Internet. Starting this summer the big TV broadcaster mü is taking the reins of the format produced and moderated by Anja Viktoria Autenrieth.

“Speak straight from the heart” is the motto of the 45-minute programme which is shot in the Kitbühel region and at Rosi’s Sonnberg-stuben. It is then broadcast once monthly, repeated ten times, and can also be viewed on Youtube.

Dazzling personalities including musicians, actors and actresses, politicians, “old timers” all take time to engage in passionate showtime palaver with moderator Anja Viktoria Autenrieth about the meaning of life, society themes, lasting happiness and cultivating satisfaction in one’s own life, probably the most important thing of all.

Now also on “normal” TV

It is certainly a big step forward that mü, one of the most popular and well-loved media broadcasters in the Bavarian capital, will assume command for the “Herzgschhichtn” format. The Munich station has an 80 % familiarity quotient, extends from Ingolstadt in the north to Tyrol in the south, and boasts now fewer than 3.5 million potential viewers. Furthermore, the Facebook appearance of mü alone reaches more than 700,000 people. Thus, the format is also of immediate interest to companies who might wish to assume a sponsorship or place effective ads.

“In Herzgeschichtn, we want to listen to stories and tell stories that touch the heart, that move us and leave a lasting imprint. We want to demonstrate that the most beautiful things in life don’t cost a pennny, namely, good relationships, human closeness, trust, protection, love and unique moments out in nature.” That, according to Anja Viktoria Autenrieth, is the formula for success of her “Herzgschichtn”.


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