Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 44 | Winter 2018

The residential building hails back to the year 1708, has been ongoingly renovated and modernized ever since, most recently in 2010. It includes the main building (about 465 m²) and an auxiliary apartment (about 103 m²), as well as furnished in the ultimate in stylish and tasteful interior decoration, including floors of natural stone, fishbone-pattern wood parquet floors and spacious country-style hallways and foyers. High ceilings and large windows ensure an ambience flooded with light. Rounded arches and plaster decor underscore the noble elegance. On the lower floor is an auxiliary apartment, on the upper floor there are two guest bedrooms. The garden area is professionally groomed and maintained. Hedges, trees and other greenery encircle the outer boundaries of the property, which also includes an outdoor swimming pool and pavilion.

living spaceareaenergy factspurchase price
ca. 568 m²ca. 2.625 m²HWB 158on request


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