Project Description

Kitzbühel & Alpenraum | Issue 08 | Autumn 2018 Text: Klaus Dörre

This is the confluence where pragmatic intelligence and creativity merge with a love of colours, shapes and top quality materials. Add to that the client’s feel for style and potential hankering for sophistication. The upshot: interior design and interior architecture which has garnered the distinction “Empathy Given Form” – quite justifiably. The fact that Kitzbühel’s “Wohnatelier” after twenty years of outstanding and internationally successful quality professional work now presents “INTERIOR ARCHITECTS” by Wohnatelier, is merely the consequence of this seminal philosophy.

Private and corporate clients alike treasure the ability to grasp the peculiar qualities emanated by human beings, places and companies through empathy as well as holistically. As if that were not enough, to then “translate” those qualities wherever needed into interior architecture and interior design. That sets the highest imaginable demands on planning, design as well as fluent command of brand names, all of which are self-evident at INTERIOR ARCHITECTS by Wohnatelier. Nevertheless, at the forefront is always the human being.

This perspective which evolved through the company’s history develops logically and consequentially in the direction – as is already prevalent in England, for example – that INTERIOR ARCHITECTS by Wohnatelier as a company plans and develops interior architecture and interior design down to the most infinitesimal details for its clients … and then implements it from A to Z.

And then comes the coup: Plan 360, an architectects’ office which has been added on to the overall whole which practices the selfsame philosophy. Clients thereby profit as early as of the selection of a building lot, to construction plans and building supervision which turns a plan to palpable reality, thereafter includes interior architecture and even the nitty-gritty of interior design in brilliant, highly individual quality. All that from one and the same hand, one and the same contact partner.


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