Project Description

KITZBÜHEL | Issue 42 | Winter 2017

Mieke and Theo Jongen are wed not only to each other, they are also dedicated collectors who’ve established an important post for contemporary art in the Kitzbühel Alps at their gallery in Kirchberg furthering their vision under the auspices of the Aaart Foundation. An ensemble of unforgettable works of art and culture and independent architecture await visitors In a 700 m² exhibition space.

Under the title SPIRIT OF COLOURS, the Aaart Foundation presents paintings and photography of three internationally renowned artists this winter: Stefan Szczesny, Jimmy Nelson and Mahi Bine Bine. All three artists will be present on the day of the vernissage, 27 December 2017, to speak personally about their works at the Aaart Foundation. Art historian and professional art expert Dr. Isabella Goebel, independant curator of the Aaart Foundation, is the contact person in matters of contemporary art.

The house of art

What is long known to experienced art collectors is entering the consciousness of present-day art lovers in the general public. Here in Kirchberg in Tyrol, the Aaart Foundation has created a profound anchorage of art. It is a house of art which alone through its extraordinary architectural presence is a highlight in the gallery scene. And that is not even to mention its sensational art events. After all, do you know another happening where – as was the case in 2012 – originals of Picasso, Arp, Braque, Chagall, Matisse, Tinguely could be viewed in a village in Tyrol, live? Or where illustrious stars of the art scene were brought together to present their promising new works? Besides these presentations, there are ongoing readings, concerts and performances with high calibre artists and actors in the limelight.

By any measure, architect Theo Jongen and his wife, interior architect Mieke, have succeeded in creating through the Aaart Foundation an overall work of art with international range.


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