Project Description

Kitzbühel & Alpine Region | Issue 07 | Spring 2018

Eder Gartenarchitektur is passionate about turning parcels of open space into paradisiacal gardens. Individual gardens of Eden.

Each project begins with a thorough site visit and detailed client discussions, followed by sketches and plans, either hand-drawn or using CAD. Only then do Hannes Eder and his team of 30 garden specialists commence with their outdoor activities – creating individual outdoor living areas. “All garden and landscape elements are painstakingly coordinated in accordance with customer requirements,“ explains the company owner.

Individual and in harmony with nature

The high quality results are stylishly urban, ranging from earthy to extravagant, depending on customer preferences – and in complete harmony with the house and its surroundings. Regardless of whether the project involves a large garden landscape, or haven of peace on a small plot or roof garden. Eder Gartenarchitektur plans and implements dynamic works or art using quality materials, selected plants and high-class accessories for all types of garden environments … including stylish lighting concepts and exclusive furniture.

Water is life …

… the garden architect refers here to the myriad of possibilities for water lovers: ranging from small water features such as springs, rock fountains or contemporary pools, to usable water gardens with a natural swimming pond or elegant natural pool, which offer unparalleled bathing pleasure in crystal clear and chemical-free water.

The horticultural experts

The horticultural experts from Eder Gartenbau are well-versed experts on indigenous and unusual plant-life, as well as proficient creators of harmonious blends of fragrance, shape and colour in every outdoor environment.


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