Project Description

Kitzbühel | Issue 46 | Winter 2019

Interior decoration, planning, furnishing. Georg Mayerhofer’s 25-person team of professionals stands for full service. Beginning with the original concept, to planning and developing the entire building process, all the way to final handcrafted furnishings. Throughout Europe, for private homes as well as large-scale projects.

Among illustrious interior decorators and architects, Georg Mayerhofer is considered to be a competent and innovative partner in all manner of cooperative efforts, a company you can take at its word. The applicable concepts are worked out by the team based on individual client wishes and needs. Subsequently, they are implemented from the first letter to the final full stop.

Floors are one of the company’s focal points. That includes hardwood parquet floors of every type, extended foyers, carpets, linoleum, wall-to-wall PVC coverings and old, reclaimed wood flooring. Restorations of existing floors are also part of their vast repertoire of offerings.

In the company’s own sewing facilities, client wishes are realized professionally and with the finest of handcrafted skill. Even small amounts can be produced when the client needs them. The assortment of sun and insect protection items as just as wide-ranging, just as flexible. They range from sun sails with embossed logo all the way to optical shields, custom-made according to needs. Thanks to their own state-of-the-art machine park, they can realize client wishes easily without ever leaving their own premises. And, it goes without saying: made, polished, restored only by master workers.

At their showroom in Aurach near Kitzbühel the latest highlights from international trade fairs are presented. The exhibition is changed, renewed, ongoingly. It is always new, always worth a visit.


Obere Siedlung 2
A-5724 Stuhlfelden
T +43 (0)6562 4275

Pass-Thurn-Straße 47
A-6370 Aurach bei Kitzbühel

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