Project Description

Yachting | 2021

An apartment in an old building in the heart of Munich’s inner city was adapted and designed in contemporary fashion to a couple’s precise needs and wishes.

For this project the designer team worked in close collaboration with the Historical Buildings Commisson. Rooms needed to be opened up in order to give the apartment a new tide of lightness. Balance with, yet at the same time contrast from traditional trappings was given to this old building through elements such as bronze and oaken wood. All the walls were kept classical. “Through the unusual woods of the parquet floors plus concerted plaster craftsmanship, we have created a kind of stage on which reduced furniture takes full effect,” elucidates Philipp Hoflehner, Creative Director at Bernd Gruber Kitzbühel about the unusual approach. Through a newly integrated light axis, the interior designer bestowed upon this old structure a new spaciousness: all living spaces are bright and highly inviting. The structure’s substance was updated to contain latest standards through the all-encompassing makeover.

“In order to reinforce its character as an old building, we quite deliberately darkened the accents in those zones where there was little light coming in from outside,” explains Philipp Hoflehner. Thus, the corridor was painted dark blue, so that the plaster work on the wall was able to bring forth special aspects in targeted fashion.
The major source of inspiration was the city itself, so full of contrasts. Melding a variety of materials and interior surfaces, the apartment now radiates a noble, laissez-faire nonchalance which can be felt palpably throughout the premises.

These design ideas were implemented, turned to concrete reality by Bernd Gruber’s quality workshop, resulting in hand-crafted niveau at the highest possible level. Despite the reductionist design, there is no dearth of functionality. That stood at the focal point of the concept from the start.


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