Project Description

KITZBÜHEL | Issue 42 | Winter 2017 Text: Klaus Dörre

That is how TRAPA describes the concept behind its products of natural local woods. The extraordinary thing about them: no lacquers or stains are used. The colours come from natural components of the woods themselves. For TRAPA that results in typical, exquisite harmony between floors, walls, ceilings and solid-wood furniture, an elegant and sensuously graspable harmony which makes people feel good in them.

“Whoever works with wood has to think long-term, in stark contrast to our quick-living era. And precisely therein lies the inner strength and power of a natural material like wood. We at TRAPA have made it our personal task to make the outstanding characteristics of this most wondrous natural building material on earth sensuously feelable for people in their immediate living spaces”, illuminates Hermann Hörndler, CEO and owner of the company ensconced in the lake district of Upper Austria.

Wood lives, breathes and improves interior climate

When wood breathes freely, a natural foundation for a healthy interior climate is established. Elements of wood by TRAPA refine and optimize the characteristics of natural wood. No lacquers or varnishes, no stains are superimposed on the wood. Colours are determined solely by the inner elements of the wood itself. The result is a sensuous harmony of natural materials which are extremely tough and hard-wearing, practically imperishable, yet at the same time enormously flexible, with fabulous optical and haptic qualities in hall floors, walls, ceilings and in solid-wood pieces of furniture. The upshot is fascinating, masterfully conceived and finished by 60 employees in the workshops of St. Veit an der Glan and Traunkirchen: it is veritable “peak quality” – made in Austria.

The TRAPA team on Lake Traun

When these two comets – inspiration and highest possible quality of woods and workmanship – meet, what evolves from the merger is exquisite flooring, furniture and flexible solutions for walls of natural wood. At the TRAPA world in Traunkirchen, this can be experienced with all five senses. The constellations on display, accompanied and illuminated by on-site experts, inspire builders, architects and interior decorators alike.


Uferstraße 23
A-4801 Traunkirchen, Austria
T: +43 (0)7617 32270