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Lust for life and sustenance of life, those are the things we wish to bring forth, which express the style and being of the client. That is the essence of the work of Evelyn Kaspar at interior designs. She is the source of ideas, catalyser and director of operations. And since each and every person is quite different, her interior design concepts often veer quite wide of the mainstream.

Whoever seeks the extraordinary, something which no everyone has, finds at Evelyn Kaspar the right address. Individuality is her guiding light. She sets her focus on those things which comprise the individual world of each single client, those things which make him/her something special. She has a touch, a feel, for those things a client is seeking, something which cannot be simply announced. That is a talent which one either has, or does not have. Evelyn Kasper has it. And in a completely unique, empathetic/sympathetic way. With an assuredness of style which is as individual as the client is.

It goes without saying, she is en route all over the world, and present at all the trade fairs which really matter. But her scouting ability for what is unusual and extravagant have also permitted her to uncover certain secrets far removed from the big stage of luxury articles. Small, no, miniscule companies of handcrafted workmanship and manufacture, for example, which can finish and deliver truly rare things.

Evelyn Kaspar’s ability to give life to living spaces by applying all these elements is based in her own well founded style and her capacity to add materials, furniture, colours, and everything else, for the sake of the beautiful. With each and every project she opens up a brand new chapter, from immersing into (and feeling) the world of the client, to individual consultation and planning all the way to drafts, designs and direction of the overall realization. Her spatial concepts win high acclaim for originality and timeless aesthetics. Kaspar’s inspiration and know-how are transformed into personal interior design without compromises.

With the products of illustrious designers and manufacturers from all over the world, and the rare interior secret tips from her own spirit, she can cover every imaginable variant. The art of generating interior concepts from the sum of highest-quality single components melded to an unparalleled interior design, that is the world of Evelyn Kaspar. The cutting edge: brilliant, enchanting, inspired and replete with spirit.


Kaspar Interior Design
Isnyer Straße 2
D-88239 Wangen im Allgäu
T +49 (0)7522 2542

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